March 5, 2019

What does your Logo Say about you?

David Jones

Designing the Best Visual Representation of your Brand

When it comes to developing and promoting your brand, there are a number of intricate and often interconnected elements that require consideration. Naturally, there are some that are easier to overlook than others, particularly those that are not immediately obvious important or impactful.

Take the design of your company’s logo, for example, which despite being a seemingly small detail ultimately underpins the visual reputation of your brand. Subsequently, companies that create a well-designed, consistent and vibrant logo can make their brand more recognisable while also increasing the impact of their marketing communications.

The Common Logo Design Mistakes and how they Impact on your Brand

So while there may be numerous logo design resources and showcases, it is your ability to conceive and create a viable visual that will ultimately determine whether or not your brand is successful. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common logo design mistakes and the impact that they can have on your brand: -

1. The Lack of a Clearly-defined Brief or Direction

Let’s start with the basics; as the lack of a design brief for your logo can dramatically impact its reach and effectiveness. It is also an admission that you lack any form of clarity or direction, which in turn makes it hard to drive consistency or a sustainable creative process.

Without a logo design brief, your creative team can run into all sorts of trouble. This can lead to an overly complicated and convoluted design, for example, which in turn can dilute the impact of your brand identity and messaging. It can also lead to subtle changes in the use and application of colour, which creates numerous logo versions over time and is indicative of a disjointed marketing approach.

The creation of a clear and concise brief can help to negate this issues, however, particularly when it is well thought-out and distributed to all creatives. Similarly, adherence to a strict set of brand guidelines can also have a positive effect, as it provides a template in which designers can work regardless of the precise marketing channel that they are dealing with.

2. The Failure to Implement Vector Formatting

The latter point is important, as there will be instances when the dimensions and the presentation of your logo has to change in order to suit variable marketing channels. From print publications to digital media and websites, the visual constraints surrounding your logo are subject to constant change and this can undermine the consistency and impact of your brand over time.

One of the common mistakes that brands make in this respect is failing to implement vector formatting when designing and applying their logo. The principle of the vector design format is important as it ensures that your logo can be resized to suit different platforms and viewing devices (from smartphones and tablets to laptops), ensuring that it is always presented clearly and remains true to its fundamental design values.

Vector file types can be created through design platforms like Adobe, so at least this problem is simple to rectify going forward.

3. Poor Execution and a Lack of Attention to Detail

Even if you design an attractive logo and understand the basic principles of application, your efforts can occasionally be let down by poor execution and a lack of attention to detail. After all, creatives and designers will often be required to manually adapt a standard logo, particularly when they are creating ad-hoc materials for a standalone project.

This is where basic execution errors can creep in, from the incorrect or inconsistent use of typography to the failure to adhere a predetermined colour scheme. Even if these errors are small or difficult to spot, they can have a cumulative impact in the mind of consumers when they are repeated regularly and across multiple channels.

This reinforces the importance of creating clearly defined briefs and guidelines, while as a manager of creatives you can also help the situation by regularly driving brand awareness and creating a culture of understanding among employees.

These issues are pertinent whether you are looking to promote an existing logo or overhaul your visual brand, and at Sun Jones our team is ideally placed to help you achieve your goals. To find out more and discuss your requirements in further detail, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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