Brand Identity

Whether you are aware of it or not, your brand has an identity. The question that remains is whether it is one that you want to be associated with?

This is an important consideration, as whenever your business communicates externally it projects an image to consumers. Just as the colours of your logo and website create a visual representation of your brand, for example, so too your words and messaging establish a tone of voice that articulates specific values. It is therefore crucial that these elements are aligned as part of a cohesive and seamless strategy, in order to cultivate a brand identity which is clearly defined and instantly recognisable.

We will help you achieve this aim, firstly by understanding the values that drive your business and its operation. Then, we will translate these into consistent visual attributes and a humanised tone of voice, each of which can be applied across various marketing channels and disciplines.

So whether you simply want to define your existing brand identity or forge a new one, this service can help you to achieve your goals.

Let’s discover your brand’s voice.