For retailers, not having a specialised or optimised e-commerce website is akin to closing your store for one day each week. This offers an insight into the influence of e-commerce in the modern age, as online and mobile consumerism continues to become increasingly profitable to brands.

Just because an opportunity exists, however, does not mean that you are bound to benefit from it. To fully capitalise on the boom in e-commerce, you must have a viable and strategically designed e-commerce website, and one which has been specifically developed to engage visitors and convert them into paying customers.

The recipe for e-commerce success starts with an optimised and functional website, and one which performs well in relation to specific keywords. It must also feature strong and consistent branding, which helps to forge an online identity that sets your website apart from the competition. Then comes the array of user features, which create an enjoyable customer journey and optimise your sales conversion rates.

At Sun Jones we have the team and experience to deliver this potent combination of skills, while turning local start-ups into visible, iconic and profitable e-commerce brands.

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