Brand Identity

Brand identity & website for innovative culture platform

How we helped CultureBlox

CultureBlox provides organisations with a platform that allows them to measure corporate culture, from team level to individuals. Working closely with the founder, we developed the brand identity and website for CultureBlox.

After having gathered information about the business and its competitors, we set to work on the design of the CultureBlox brand identity. Our brief was to create something modern, clean and if possible, tie it in with the brand name. The resultant logo features a simple icon using building blocks alongside a modern typeface. The CultureBlox icon features a subtle animation in the navbar of the website, and can be used in isolation when the full size logo is too large to be applied.

With the brand identity in place, we began work on the CultureBlox website. The site is built using Node,js and Express on the server side, and has a custom design for the front-end, built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Having control over both the back-end and front-end allows for future scalability should the client wish to add more functionality.

The website can be viewed at

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